OxyFile #241

Effects of hydrogen peroxide-containing bleaching agents 
on the morphology of human enamel.

Author:   Ernst CP; Marroquín BB; Willershausen-Zönnchen B

Source:   Quintessence Int 1996 Jan; 27(1):53-6


The effects of four bleaching agents (Opalescence, HiLite, 
30% hydrogen peroxide, and 30% hydrogen peroxide mixed 
with sodium perborate) and 37% phosphoric acid on the external 
surface of human enamel were examined with the scanning 
electron microscope. The materials were applied to the 
enamel surfaces of 60 specimens obtained from 10 teeth. 
Each test agent was applied to one specimen from each tooth. 
One specimen of each tooth was left untreated. Comparison 
to the untreated control surfaces revealed that enamel 
exposed to the bleaching agents underwent slight morphologic 
surface alterations. The enamel surfaces treated with phosphoric 
acid, in contrast, showed severe morphologic alterations.