OxyFile #240

Surface morphology changes in human enamel, dentin and 
cementum following bleaching: a scanning electron microscopy 

Author:  Zalkind M; Arwaz JR; Goldman A; Rotstein I

Source:  Endod Dent Traumatol 1996 Apr; 12(2):82-8


Extracted human premolars were cut, cleaned and divided 
into 6 experimental groups. Each group was treated with 
one of the following bleaching materials: 30% hydrogen 
peroxide, 10% carbamide peroxide, sodium perborate, Nu-Smile, 
Opalescence and DentlBright. Morphological changes in tooth 
surface occurred following treatment with most bleaching 
agents. Hydrogen peroxide and DentlBright were associated 
with surface changes in all dental tissues. Hydrogen peroxide, 
DentlBright, Nu-Smile and Opalescence were mainly associated 
with surface changes in the cementum, which exhibited more 
changes than the other tissues.