OxyFile #206

AU  - Ivanchenko SA

TI  - Ozone hemotherapy and disorders of the functional energy 
      competence of the cell membranes in gestoses

AB  - A study made on biochemical mechanisms of metabolic abnormalities 
      in grave forms of gestosis should allow some judgement 
      about gravity of pathophysiological alterations developing 
      in the patients' organism, efficiency of intensive therapy,
      and also attest to the need for instituting some additional 
      corrective measures. Measured in the study were the principle 
      indices for bodily metabolic homeostasis (LPO intensity,
      AOD, thiol metabolism) in physiological pregnancy and labor 
      as well as in grave forms of gestoses (preeclampsia, gestational 
      hypertension, eclampsia). The obtained results indicated 
      that it is necessary that a specific correction of intracellular 
      metabolism should be carried out in order that possible 
      complications might be prevented. Ozonohemotherapy makes 
      for reduction of oxidated forms of glutathione in red cells 
      and also affects in patients bodily content of thiols and 

MH  - Blood|*DE
MH  - Energy Metabolism|*DE
MH  - Erythrocyte Membrane|*DE/ME
MH  - Gestosis, EPH|BL/*TH
MH  - Ozone|*TU
SO  - Lik Sprava 1998 Jul; (5):96-8
DP  - 1998 Jul
TA  - Lik Sprava
PG  - 96-8
IP  - 5
UI  - 99009714