OxyFile #205

UI  - 90296801
AU  - Gonet B
TI  - [Properties of hemoglobin in ozone-exposed hemolysates of
AB  - The objective of the paper was to investigate the changes in
      haemoglobin properties under the influence of ozone on
      haemolysates of erythrocytes. The detailed analysis of
      experiments permitted to draw the following conclusions: 1.
      Haemoglobin in the presence of ozone is transformed into
      methaemoglobin in a biphasic process. 2. In ozone exposed
      haemolysates of erythrocytes the haemoglobin had other
      properties: an increase in affinity for oxygen and a decrease of
      the hem-hem interaction coefficient.
MH  - English Abstract
LA  - Pol
SO  - Acta Haematol Pol 1989 Jul-Dec;20(2):167-75