OxyFile #204

UI  - 83061884
AU  - Pisarevskii AA
AU  - Korukhov NIu
AU  - Brazhnikov EM
AU  - Konstantinova ML
AU  - Razumovskii SD
TI  - [Sterilization of the artificial blood circulation apparatus with
AB  - Presented in this paper is the sterilization method of the
      assisted circulation unit. The method has been approved by stand
      testing and then applied for sterilizing the unit Ae, yeK-5 m
      when experimental implanting artificial heart. According to the
      method, ozone in concentration of 5 x 10(-3) moles/1 and with
      flow rate of 0,5 1/min is passed through an internal circuit of
      the unit during I h and 15 min. Control wash-out samples from
      lines have demonstrated complete sterility of the internal
      circuit. The method makes the sterilization process of such units
      much easier and may be recommended for clinical application.
LA  - Rus
SO  - Med Tekh 1982;(5):47-9