OxyFile #202

UI  - 88048309
AU  - Vaughn JM
AU  - Chen YS
AU  - Lindburg K
AU  - Morales D
TI  - Inactivation of human and simian rotaviruses by ozone.
AD  - Department of Applied Science, Brookhaven National Laboratory,
      Upton, New York 11973.
AB  - The inactivation of simian rotavirus SA-11 and human rotavirus
      type 2 (Wa) by ozone was compared at 4 degrees C by using
      single-particle virus stocks. Although the human strain was
      clearly more sensitive, both virus types were rapidly inactivated
      by ozone concentrations of 0.25 mg/liter or greater at all pH
      levels tested. Comparison of the virucidal activity of ozone with
      that of chlorine in identical experiments indicated little
      significant difference in rotavirus-inactivating efficiencies
      when the disinfectants were used at concentrations of 0.25
      mg/liter or greater.
LA  - Eng
SO  - Appl Environ Microbiol 1987 Sep;53(9):2218-21