OxyFile #200

UI  - 91135200
AU  - Gehring W
AU  - Glutsch J
AU  - Schonian U
AU  - Gehse M
AU  - Gloor M
TI  - [Comparative study of the effect of various antiseptics and ozone
      gas on pathogens of ulcus cruris]
AD  - Hautklinik am Stadt. Klinikum Karlsruhe.
AB  - The germicidal influence of various antiseptics on the bacterial
      and fungal flora of leg ulcers was studied in vitro. Best effects
      were achieved by the triphenylmethane dyes brilliant green and
      methylrosaniline chloride. Chloramine and povidone iodine yielded
      average results, whereas the germicidal effects of potassium
      permanganate and eosin were not satisfactory. On the other hand,
      treatment with ozone resulted in sufficient inactivation of
      germs--with the only exceptions of Serratia and Klebsiella
LA  - Ger
SO  - Z Hautkr 1990 Aug;65(8):746-50