OxyFile #199

UI  - 91375976
AU  - Sroczynski J
AU  - Antoszewski Z
AU  - Rudzki H
AU  - Matyszczyk B
AU  - Kuzniewicz R
TI  - [Various parameters of lipid metabolism after intra-arterial
      injections of ozone in patients with ischemia of the lower
      extremities and diabetes mellitus]
AD  - Katedry i Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych i Zawodowych Sl. AM.
AB  - In 50 subjects with arteriosclerotic ischaemia of the lower
      extremities and 41 subjects with diabetes mellitus ozone was
      applied intra-arterially. Before and after the treatment serum
      lipids concentration was examined. In the group with
      arteriosclerotic ischemia significant decrease in cholesterol
      level and both his fractions was seen. Whereas in the group with
      diabetes the cholesterol LDL was significantly reduced. In both
      groups total lipids level serum was decreased. It suggests that
      ++ozone therapy set back the arteriosclerosis progress,
      normalized some parameters of lipid metabolism and improved HDL
      to LDL cholesterol fractions relationship.
LA  - Pol
SO  - Pol Tyg Lek 1990 Nov 19-26;45(47-48):953-5