OxyFile #198

UI  - 91030515
AU  - Jankowski S
AU  - Doroszkiewicz W
TI  - Preliminary studies of the effect of ozone on the bactericidal
      properties of complement.
AD  - Department of Microbiology, Medical Academy, Wroclaw, Poland.
AB  - The study analyzes the bactericidal influence of an ozonized
      blood serum on gram-negative bacilli. Considerable differences
      were observed concerning the effect which ozonized normal human
      serum has upon Klebsiella, Pseudomonas and Salmonella strains. It
      was found that the impact may vary depending not only on the time
      of the exposure of serum to ozone, but also on the type of strain
      and the structure of the outer membrane of the bacteria. The
      Salmonella typhimurium strain of the Ra chemotype treated with
      the serum which was exposed to ozone showed higher susceptibility
      to the action of complement than the S. typhimurium strain of the
      S chemotype.
LA  - Eng
SO  - Complement Inflamm 1990;7(2):57-62