OxyFile #197

UI  - 91163487
AU  - Grits NV
AU  - Fomichev AIu
TI  - [Effect of ozone on bacteriophages in the phage--host-cell
AB  - The antiviral action of ozone was studied using Escherichia coli
      K-12 AB1157 virulent phage T4 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1
      temperate phage SM as models depending on the phage state during
      the action: a free phage, a phage in the presence of sensitive
      host cells, or a vegetative phage. Bacteriophages T4 and SM were
      found to be much more sensitive to ozone as compared to the
      bacterial strains AB1157 and PAO1. The latter protected phage
      particles against the activation by ozone at a concentration
      which effectively inactivated these phages in the absence of the
      bacteria. Ozone also exerted an inhibiting effect on vegetative
      phage SM, and the degree of inhibition decreased with the
      termination of intracellular growth stages.
LA  - Rus
SO  - Mikrobiologiia 1990 Sep-Oct;59(5):831-6