OxyFile #196

UI  - 92054141
AU  - Minguez F
AU  - Gomez-Lus ML
AU  - Andre J
AU  - Cabronero MJ
AU  - Prieto J
TI  - [Antimicrobial activity of ozonized water in determined
      experimental conditions]
AB  - Ozone is a potent disinfecting agent which has been used
      successfully in water treatment, as well as to cure wounds. It
      can also be used in dental clinics, in laboratories, and in
      hospitals to clean and disinfect work surfaces and instruments.
      In this paper we have carried out a study of the antimicrobial
      activity of ozonized water. Antimicrobial activity in ozonized
      water on bacterial suspensions and contaminated materials was
      meaningful and depended fundamentally on concentration and time
      of exposure. On buccal flora, one rinse alone had no effect, but
      various successive rinses led to substantial reductions in the
      number of colonies of bacteria. Ozone had a similar effect,
      although more pronounced, on the flora of the hands. Ozonized
      water placed in an open dish kept up antimicrobial activity for
      the first 20 minutes, but after 30 minutes this activity
      decreased substantially.
LA  - Spa
SO  - Rev Sanid Hig Publica (Madr) 1990 Jul-Aug;64(7-8):415-23