OxyFile #187

UI  - 92188039
AU  - Dirnagl K
TI  - [Experiences and considerations from 50-year pursuit of ozone
      effects on man]
AD  - Institut fur Medizinische Balneologie und Klimatologie,
      Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen.
AB  - High average ozone concentrations near ground are typical of
      places with efficient air exchange to higher atmospheric layers,
      e.g. health resorts with favorable climate and little
      anthropogenic air contamination. Warning about harmful effects of
      ozone may be misleading unless its role as a natural component of
      the air is considered. Distinguishing between clean air ozone
      in contrast to smog ozone is helpful for an understanding of
      the problem. For lack of quantitative surveys, tolerance limits
      for ozone had to be set without regard for interactions with
      other harmful air constituents and for adaptation effects.
LA  - Ger
SO  - Schweiz Rundsch Med Prax 1992 Mar 10;81(11):328-32