OxyFile #181

UI  - 94076986
AU  - Fish J
AU  - Healy J
AU  - Gensure R
AU  - Choe E
AU  - Ferrara J
TI  - Effect of peritoneal and gastric irrigation with ozonated saline
      on arterial and venous blood gas values.
AD  - Department of Surgery, Tulane University School of Medicine, New
      Orleans, LA 70112.
AB  - Ozone, a proven in vitro antiseptic agent, has been shown in vivo
      to reduce infectious morbidity when used as a lavage solution in
      rodent fecal peritonitis. As concern that absorption of hydroxyl
      radical byproducts of ozone breakdown might be deleterious to
      blood buffering capacity, the effects of a 5 minute intragastric
      or peritoneal lavage with ozonated saline on rodent arterial and
      venous blood gas values were determined. Compared to values
      obtained following lavage with oxygenated saline or normal
      saline, ozonated saline irrigation produced no appreciable
      alterations in arterial or venous pH, pO2, and pCO2 over a 1 hour
      observation period. Short-term ozonated saline peritoneal lavage
      does not appreciably effect rodent blood buffering capacity.
LA  - Eng
SO  - Life Sci 1993;53(25):1867-72