OxyFile #179

UI  - 93316536
AU  - Szendzielorz J
AU  - Koziol H
AU  - Jendryczko A
TI  - [Activity of selected enzymes of the anti-oxidase system in the
      vitreous body, aqueous humor and lens after subconjunctival ozone
      in experiments]
AD  - Szpital Gorniczy, Oddzial Okulistyczny, Sosnowiec, Poland.
AB  - The influence of ozone on the activity of enzymes of the
      antioxydation system in selected structures of the eye were
      checked. Ozone given topically in weak concentrations acts
      stimulating, increasing the activity of the enzymes of the
      antioxydation system, instead in high concentrations causes a
      significant reduction of activity of the enzymes of the mentioned
LA  - Pol
SO  - Klin Oczna 1992 Oct;94(10):277-8