OxyFile #176

UI  - 95101410
AU  - Bocci V
AU  - Luzzi E
AU  - Corradeschi F
AU  - Paulesu L
TI  - Studies on the biological effects of ozone: 5. Evaluation of
      immunological parameters and tolerability in normal volunteers
      receiving ambulatory autohaemotherapy.
AD  - Faculties of Pharmacy, Institute of General Physiology, Siena,
AB  - Autohaemotherapy, after a bland treatment ex vivo of blood with
      ozone, is a fairly unknown medical procedure claimed to have
      therapeutic value in viral diseases and neoplasms. Having already
      shown that ozone acts as a mild inducer of cytokines, we have
      undertaken an investigation in normal rabbits and in normal
      volunteers aiming to evaluate eventual changes of some cytokine
      levels in plasma as well as of immunological parameters such as
      the Mx protein, neopterin, beta 2-microglobulin and of some
      acute-phase proteins after single or repeated autohaemotherapy.
      We have also evaluated the potential development of of
      side-effects. This study is the first one to show that
      autohaemotherapy can activate an immunological marker in normal
      subjects without procuring any toxic effects.
LA  - Eng
SO  - Biotherapy 1993-94;7(2):83-90