OxyFile #175

UI  - 95102507
AU  - Tukel SS
AU  - Bilgin R
AU  - Gul S
TI  - Effects of ozone on the activity of erythrocyte membrane Na(+)-K+
AD  - University of Cukurova, Art & Science Faculty, Department of
      Chemistry, Adana-Turkey.
AB  - Ozone (5 mumol.min-1) inhibited the human erythrocyte membrane
      Na(+)-K+ ATPase (EC. activity in a time dependent
      manner. Inhibition was more pronounced for the first 5 min of
      ozone exposure in the directly ozone exposed membranes than in
      the membranes prepared from ozone exposed erythrocytes. However,
      Na(+)-K+ ATPase activities of both preparations were inhibited to
      the same extent (about 70%) at the end of 10 min ozone exposure.
      It was also determined that there was a close relationship
      between the decrease of enzyme activity and the increase in the
      thiobarbituric acid reactive substances in both types of
      preparations. Na(+)-K+ ATPase was inhibited by ozone even at the
      presence of vitamin E or vitamin C. However, the degree of the
      inhibitions and the amounts of thiobarbituric acid reactive
      products formed were smaller than the corresponding values found
      in the absence of these vitamins.
LA  - Eng
SO  - Biochem Mol Biol Int 1994 Aug;33(6):1033-40