OxyFile #168

Regional Arterial and Tissue Oxygen Tensions in Man During Regional 
Infusion with Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions

Radiology 1967; 88: 589-591

P.A. Germon, D.S. Faust, A. Rosenthal, and L.W. Brady


Gray and his co-workers (3) demonstrated in tissue culture and in 
animals a general relationship between radiation sensitivity and 
oxygen saturation at the time of irradiation. Churchill-Davidson et 
al. (1) later applied this principle at the clinical level by 
employing the hyperbaric chamber to increase oxygen saturation of the 
tumor during the radiation event.

Mallams and Jay et al. adapted regional intraarterial infusion 
technics, evolved through experience with chemotherapeutic agents, to 
deliver oxygen to the tumor area, using hydrogen peroxide solutions 
(4, 5). Data from early reports of these methods revealed that 
significant increases in oxygen tensions could be achieved in arterial 
and venous blood, muscle, and tumor tissue.

The purpose of the present Pilot study was to evaluate the oxygen 
tensions generated in arterial blood and muscle in animals and 
patients being regionally infused with hydrogen peroxide solutions.