OxyFile #164

Regional Oxygenation in the Treatment of Severe Destructive Forms of 
Obliterating Diseases of the Extremity Arteries

Klin Khir 1986; 7: 31-33

L.V. Lebedev, A.O. Levin, M.P. Romankova, K.G. Rychkova, I.V. 
Arsenieva, M.B. Ivanova and L.V. Shabunevich

Femoral regional perfusions and continuous intraarterial infusions 
were used for the treatment of 84 patients.  The 0,15-0,25 % solution 
of H2O2 was used as the oxygenator.  The methods used when combined 
with sympathectomy allowed to restrict the operation by a parcimonious 
amputation of the extremity and to retain the knee joint in most of 
the patients.