OxyFile #155

Water treatment of hydrotherapy exercise pools.

Author:  Edlich RF; Becker DG; Phung D; McClelland WA; Day SG 

Address: Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Virginia
         School of Medicine, Charlottesville 22908. 

Source:  J Burn Care Rehabil, 1988 Sep-Oct, 9:5, 510-5 


The major objectives of water treatment of hydrotherapy pools are 
to disinfect the water and to balance the water appropriately. A 
variety of disinfectant systems utilizing either halogens, ozone, 
or metals have been implemented in hydrotherapy pools. Regardless 
of the disinfectant system employed, continual and appropriate 
monitoring of the system is mandatory to prevent infection. Water 
balancing refers to the control of the water mineral concentration 
so that the water does not damage the pool. Five major factors 
that influence water balance are pH, total alkalinity, calcium 
hardness, total dissolved solids, and temperature. The extent to 
which these five factors affect water balance can be computed by 
the Langelier saturation index.