OxyFile #152

[Chronic polyarthritis--treatment with alternative medicine. How 
frequent is (self-) therapy with alternative methods?] 

Author:  Miehle W 

Address: Reha-Klinik Wendelstein der BfA, Rheumazentrum, 
         AHB-Klinik Bad Aibling. 

Source:  Fortschr Med, 1995 Mar 10, 113:7, 81-5 


Between 1987 and 1992, we carried out an initial survey of 535, 
and second and third surveys of 552, patients with chronic 
polyarthritis, with the aim of obtaining information about 
paramedical and unconventional treatments and drugs used by those 
patients to self-treat their conditions. Some 32 to 64% had tried 
acupuncture, homeopathy and a number of obscure procedures 
(iridoscopy, cupping, and ozone treatment). Unconventional 
methods--use of vitamin E, enzymes, dietary measures--
predominated. Over the years, the use of paramedical methods and 
drugs decreased, but the number of patients living on a diet (no 
pork, sausages or offal, but vegetarian food) remained constant. 
Attempts to separate the tares from the wheat, are reflected by 
the nomenclature: so-called unconventional therapies have the 
potential of becoming recognized forms of treatment. This appears 
to be the case with dietary measures and the use of vitamin E.