OxyFile #141

[A critical evaluation of unconventional diagnostic and 
therapeutic methods in dentistry] 

Author:  Oepen I

Address: Institut fźr Rechtsmedizin UniversitŠt Marburg. 

Source:  Fortschr Kieferorthop, 1992 Aug, 53:4, 239-46 


Unconventional, i.e. disputed medical methods are offered to many 
patients. However, the propagated effects of such methods could 
not be confirmed by controlled studies. So, neither any risk taken 
by the use of these methods, can be justified nor are any costs 
for treatment vindicated. In future, and contrary to the 
prevailing attitude, these facts should become a matter of more 
serious concern, the more so, as with harmonization of EG legal 
regulations, adaptation to those European countries in which 
unconventional medical methods are evaluated more critical than in 
Germany, is to be expected. The following methods are discussed in 
detail: regulation thermography, Lźscher's test, homeopathy, 
homeopathy autoblood therapy, nosoden therapy, acupuncture, 
magnetic field therapy, ozone therapy, Mora therapy, lymph 
drainage, management of symbiosis, and
anthroposophical medicine.