OxyFile #137

"HIV Clue Announced"
American Medical News (03/01/93) Vol. 36, No. 9, P. 25
     A chemical transformation in cells that helps explain how HIV 
spreads has been discovered by researchers at the Webb-Warring 
Institute in Denver, Colo.  According to the scientists, HIV 
quells production of a vital enzyme called superoxide dismutase. 
The researchers are testing human cell cultures to elucidate if a
drug can inhibit HIV's ability to suppress the enzyme.  If they 
are able to safeguard the enzyme's levels in cells, the time HIV 
stays inactive could be prolonged.

Source: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
        National AIDS Clearinghouse Copyright 1995, Information, 
        Inc., Bethesda, MD

This is interesting considering that Ozone stimulates the production 
of superoxide dismutase.