OxyFile #136

"CTC, Inc. Named Investor Relations Counsel for Medizone 
International Inc."
PR Newswire (03/01/95)
     CTC, Inc. announced on Wednesday that it has become the Investor 
Relations counsel for Medizone International Inc.--the developer 
of Medizone, an ozone-based treatment for diseases caused by 
lipid enveloped viruses, such as AIDS, hepatitis B, and herpes.  
"It is a privilege to assist the management of Medizone 
International, Inc., in getting their story known by a broader 
number of investors as they pursue their proprietary therapeutic 
approach," said William H. Roberts, president of CTC, Inc.

Source: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
        National AIDS Clearinghouse Copyright 1995, Information, 
        Inc., Bethesda, MD