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                   Canadian Medical Research Mystery
                 DOD Positive Ozone / HIV Results Ignored
                          C. 1994 by Ed McCabe,
             nvestigative Reporter, and author of the bestseller
                           "Oxygen Therapies" 
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The story of a mystery within the modern Canadian Medical 
Establishment. A proven safe and effective treatment for alleviating 
AIDS symptoms is being hidden from view.

Summary: Various Canadian government and military and commercial 
representatives got together in 1989-1990 to allegedly test the safety 
and effectiveness of "ozone therapy" in the treatment of AIDS.  Two 
small pilot studies were undertaken. This resulted in the 1991 
Publication: The use of ozone-treated blood in the therapy of HIV 
infection and immune disease - a small pilot study (phase 1 was 10 
patients, phase 2 was 14 patients) of medical ozone's  safety and 
efficacy.  "AIDS" 5:981-984.  G. Garber, D Cameron, N Hawley-Foss, D 
Greenway and M. Shannon(1). The methods used were antiquated, and the 
device quality control was non-existent by any objective standard, and 
the actual published conclusions were exactly opposite to the 
conclusions written up by one of the chief investigators.

This is a study the rare detractors of medical ozone like to quote, to 
falsely try and promote a viewpoint that it doesn't work.  I say 
falsely, because we know for a fact that such detractors parade the 
false published version of this study out instantly, while hundreds of 
positive medical ozone references held in their possession remain 
strangely ignored. Hundreds of references were sent to one of them, 
the U.S. FDA, and they have admitted having them - in writing, yet 
they never mention them.  

Modern Medical Ozone therapy consists of taking three combined very 
active atoms of pure oxygen (ozone) and surrounding all the anaerobic 
(can't live in oxygen) primitive cell bacteria, viruses, funguses and 
parasites with it.  This active form of pure oxygen makes it 
impossible for the quickly oxidized microbes to live, and ozone is 
also harmless to normal healthy human cells when used correctly. All 
the secondary infections, and possibly even the prime infection either 
go away, or enter a level of remission concurrent with the procedures 
and methods applied, including the pre-treatment health of the 
patient.  When applied properly, meaning using correct procedures, 
delivery methods, concentrations, volumes, and durations, ozone is 
extremely safe and effective, according to published animal and human 
studies over the past one hundred years (2,3,4).

In an early (early for North American research), Canadian 
establishment attempt to see if there is any validity to the 
overwhelmingly positive reports on medical ozone coming out of Europe, 
and, to see if it was safe, an outdated and poorly executed ozone 
protocol was used in a "small pilot" study by researchers 
inexperienced in the use of ozone therapies. Outdated because the 
method chosen was deemed painful and ineffective in 1938(5), and 
inexperienced, because they had never used ozone before.

Modern medical ozone application has a few significant procedures that 
classically trained scientists outside the field know nothing about, 
since the many ozone therapy procedures are not taught in North 
American and Canadian medical schools. These investigators incorrectly 
chose the delivery method of minor autohemotherapy as their starting 
point. This was a backwards decision when we consider that ozone has 
been in use by thousands of European physicians for over 50 years, and 
far better methods are currently in use worldwide.  The minor 
autohemotherapy method (min AH) they chose involved withdrawing a 
small amount of blood, mixing ozone into it - to kill the viruses, and 
then re-injecting the dead viruses - this is the immunization theory. 
Minor autohemotherapy is a poor cousin to major autohemotherapy, which 
is itself now giving ground to even more successful modern delivery 

The most modern of the successful ozone therapies skip this unneeded 
dead virus inoculation step, and directly flood the blood, lymph, and 
cells with virus destroying pure medical ozone gas. This is done in a 
variety of ways, IV, dialysis type recirculatory systems, ear, 
vaginal, penile, and rectal insufflation, sauna bags and devices, 
breathing ozonated air, and drinking ozonated water. Our bodies soak 
it right up harmlessly because we evolved in an oxygen environment. 
Starting in the late 1800's up to the present, hundreds of thousands, 
perhaps millions use some of these methods daily.

The small pilot trial we are discussing was sponsored by the Ottawa 
General Hospital Infectious Disease Division, the Canadian Department 
of Health and Welfare, the Canadian Federal Center For AIDS, the 
Canadian Department Of National Defence, and The Meuller Medical 
Company of Canada, now Vas-O-Gen.
My analysis: If you compare the protocols used in this study with the 
known to be more effective modern ozone methods, and then also compare 
the internal letters of the investigators reporting their documented 
findings against the final published version of the study, it 
immediately becomes apparent that the published study was, if not 
fraudulent, then close to it. How can I make such an accusation? Let's 
look closely at the facts. 

Of prime importance is the fact that the very design of the study was 
so out of touch with current known worldwide private ozone medical 
practices that it should never be labeled "ozone therapy." It is a 
travesty to call it anything other than a poor distant cousin to 
modern ozone therapy. 

However, on the plus side, one fact stands out on the very first page 
(981) of this study published in "Aids."1 The authors plainly state: 
"Preliminary work has suggested that ozone does inactivate HIV in 
vitro."  Then they also state that they proved ozone does indeed kill 
HIV-1.  They withdrew 10cc's of blood, and interfaced 3 mcg/ml3 of 
ozone with it, and the ozone destroyed all the HIV-1 viruses, and 
didn't hurt the blood. "The resulting inoculation presents a killed 
virus antigen preparation." These statements alone prove ozone 
deserves further study!

Let's examine the materials and methods used. Here's a comparison of 
the outdated protocols employed in the study and modern medical ozone 
delivery methods:

  1990 antiquated (MinAH)                 Standard private medical 
     Canadian study                           ozone protocol
 ------------------------------     ----------------------------------
 -Treat outside body.                 -Inject directly into the vein, 
                                        or constant recirculation.
 -Withdraw 10cc's of blood.           -Inject/recirculate up to 
                                        500ccs, or whole blood supply.
 -Treat with 3 mcg/ml3                -Minimum of 27 to 42 mcg/ml3 
   concentration.                       concentration.
 -Ozone was heated.                   -Ozone never heated. Heat 
                                        destroys ozone.
 -Injected into huge gluteus          -Always infused into 
   maximus muscle.                      veins/arteries.
 -Injected only three times           -Best applied once or twice
   per week.                            per day.


Ignored results. The published document ignored the results of Phase 
1A wherein 3 of the few patients who had any immune system left - each 
with CD4 T-cells above 200 - had their counts go from 220-230 up to 
500. The patients gained weight, and reported feeling great. Instead, 
the published document stated: "no difference was seen between placebo 
and ozone treated patients."  Reason: I learned from a personal 
interview with the ozone generator manufacturer's technician that in 
Phase 1B, the second half of the study, either the ozone generator 
mysteriously "broke," or someone deliberately sabotaged it, because 
The ozone generator was producing very little or no ozone! and when 
the Meuller medical technician dutifully reported this to the 
investigators, he and this fact were ignored, and the study was 
written up without reflecting the facts!

Incorrect dosage schedules and volumes. Phase 1A and Phase 1B treated 
only 10cc's of patient blood on only three times a week treatment 

Wrong procedure. This is fine to make an inoculation, but inoculations 
only work on people whose immune system are fully functional, 
certainly innoculations are not applicable to a study of AIDS patients 
and their compromised immune systems with only 50 to 500 T cell count 

Ozone is used to sterilize municipal drinking water all over the 
world. How are you going to clean up the microbe infested waters that 
the human patients are made up of, by putting only 10cc's (less than a 
teaspoon) of barely touched with ozone blood into a muscle - and only 
three times a week? 

Compare this choice of minor autohemotherapy (MinAH), with its only 
thrice weekly injections against the obvious objective of getting rid 
of this disease by cleaning all the viruses, bacteria, funguses, and 
parasites out of the 100 POUNDS+- of water that the human body 
consists of. The injected small amount of oxygen/ozone is used up when 
the oxygen tries to oxidize the existing and incoming pollution and 
microbes. The total cleansing objective is challenged daily by the 
added burden of leaving 2 1/3rd days of normal daily living between 
treatments. This skipping treatment days allows the environmental and 
dietary toxic intake load to continually tend to undo this miniscule 
attempt at the cleaning process.  There is no way you could ever hope 
to "keep up" with this method by cleaning faster than the body absorbs 
new toxic burdens, especially under the stress of a disease like AIDS 
and its constant bacterial and viral replications!  10cc's of minor 
autohemotherapy is to be considered only a drop in the pond of the 
diseased body waters.  

Incorrect concentrations. The tiny 10cc's of withdrawn patient blood 
was treated with an equally tiny 3 microgram per cubic millimeter by 
weight, ozone concentration (assuming a functioning ozone generator).  
Private clinics using ozone know that a minimum of 27 to 42 mcg/ml3 
concentration is necessary for maximum viral kill with a minimum of 
hemolysis (Standard acceptable levels of normal cell damage).  This 
study used only a drop in the pond of acceptable concentrations.

Wrong delivery method. The tiny amount of blood with the (possibly 
intermittent or non-existent) tiny concentration of ozone was 
introduced into the body by injecting it into a large muscle. No-one 
who really knows how to use ozone has employed this method since 1938, 
when Dr. Paul Aubourg used it in his study in two Paris hospitals. He 
proved that although other methods of the application of ozone, like 
rectal insufflation, gave excellent effectiveness, the intramuscular 
injection method was "painful and ineffective." (5)

The actual data does not match the published conclusions. Even more 
suspect than the above errors is a detailed comparison between the 
actual investigators' internal inter-office correspondence, and the 
final published document.  Let's look at excerpts from a letter by 
Captain Michael Shannon, now Commodore Shannon of the Canadian 
Department of National Defence (the Canadian military forces) written 
to Dr. D.W. Boucher on January 24, 1990. 

Note: A copy of the letter to Dr. Boucher and the accompanying data 
was stamped CONFIDENTIAL and handed / leaked to me at a health show in 
a plain brown envelope by an interested party who said, "You don't 
know where you got this." The party was outraged at the following 
duplicity, but too self-protective to directly challenge "the system."  
Actually, there was no need of all the cloak and dagger stuff, because 
a copy of the exact same letter - not marked confidential - had 
previously been published by Barry Bruder in his work "Ozone 
Therapeutics, A Current Compendium" in August of 1993. 

M.E. Shannon CD,MA,MSC,MD one of the principal investigators wrote the 
following in his final report and recommendations to the superior 
official representing the government funding, Dr. D.W. Boucher, of the 
Bureau of Biologics, Health Protection Branch, Health and Welfare, 
Tunney's Pasture, Ottawa, Canada, on January 24th, 1990:

          "Ozone Therapy In AIDS/Project #231 Summary of Findings."

Dr. Shannon:

This trial yielded... "encouraging results"

"There has been no clinical, biochemical or immunological evidence of 
adverse/toxicological effects."

"An improved sense of well being characterized the clinical responses 
of all patients..."

"...several patients reported a return of appetite and concomitant 
weight gain."

"4 patients suffering from arthralgic pain reported a significant 
amelioration of symptoms."

3 out of 4 "reporting complete relief of what was well documented to 
have been a chronic condition." 

"The lack of bruising at the site of injection was somewhat 

"Three patients showed a significant positive response..." in their 
CD4 measures.

"There were no detrimental effects on absolute CD4 counts for any of 
the patients."  

"One patient showed a 52% reduction in the initial P24 antigen levels 
with a corresponding increase in absolute CD4 count."

The earlier Sept to October 1989 series of investigations by Dr. M.O. 
Shaughnessy at the Virology Division of the Bureau of Laboratories and 
Research Services "clearly support the contention that the technology 
has potent virucidal (virus inactivating) effects."
"It would appear that this form of therapy constitutes a potent means 
of inactivating HIV-1 in contaminated blood supplies, and may also 
provide a means for patient specific "autovaccination" in selected 
cases." ("Selected cases" meaning those with enough of an immune 
system left so that an innoculation will make the immune system 

"These results are considered well beyond the error limits for the 
particular assays, and indicative of potential therapeutic benefits 
which should be further investigated."

"As reported in earlier correspondence, (1988/89 Ottawa General/NDMC) 
several cases of long standing sciatica and one case of severe facial 
pain secondary to an invasive naso-pharyngeal carcinoma responded 
dramatically to this form of therapy."

"As the understanding of ozone biochemistry increases and potential 
toxicological concerns dissipate, analgesic applications of this 
therapy should be pursued."

"Since a subgroup responded, consideration should be given to the need 
for extended follow-up, and administration of a "booster cycle" to 
commence as soon as possible." 


"The results of this Phase I clinical trial are sufficiently 
encouraging that the research team at the Ottawa General Hospital 
would like to pursue an extension to the subject trial as outlined..." 

"The potential benefits of this inexpensive, safe, and possibly 
efficacious treatment for the rapidly growing HIV-1 pandemic warrants 
further attention.  Your assistance in this regard is respectfully 


Remember, these two following statements are being quoted and passed 
around by government agencies as "proof" that ozone "doesn't work."

1. "In summary, these small pilot studies have shown that the Meuller 
Ozon-O-Med ozone therapy protocol  appeared to have no detectable 
beneficial effect."(?,!) (Emphasis mine.)

2. "Our work does not, therefore, support the continued use of this 
technique in patients with HIV associated immune disease."(?,!) 
(Emphasis mine.)

Even with all the problems this study had, they never said "ozone 
doesn't work," only that the delivery method didn't work! So, if 
someone or some agency tries to use this study as proof that ozone 
doesn't work, they are blatently guilty of deception. 

Although 5 investigators were listed as principals on the published 
paper, exactly who were the actual final paper-writing authors? From 
Dr. Shannon's communication to The Bureau of Biologics:
"Be advised that Dr.'s Garber and Cameron (Ottawa General Hospital) 
have formally submitted an abstract related to this trial to the 
International Conference on AIDS presentation this June." 

It is also extremely interesting to further note that Dr. Shannon was 
never given a review copy to sign off on before the paper was 
published. In other words, although his name appears upon the 
published version, he was denied any input into the final version of 
what was said. 

What forces would promulgate this obvious perversion of truth?  One 
source I interviewed, an enthusiast for Canadian ozone research, 
stated that he understood "the word on the street" to be that Dr. 
Garber was looking forward to proudly announcing the positive results 
at the upcoming big AIDS conference, but when the second phase didn't 
produce as good results as the first phase, he became crestfallen and 
couldn't make the announcement. He turned his back on the project. Of 
course, the non-existant daily quality checking of the ozone generator 
was his responsibility. So then he either had to go on record 
admitting that the trial he was responsible for was flawed, or 
alternatively, make the claim ozone is worthless. History shows the 
decision that was made.

There is another aspect that I attribute to no one person, but I 
believe it must be considered as a possible shadowy, yet powerfull, 
influence. Although it is shocking to any sane person to consider this 
scenario, we must also ask ourselves ask who would financially loose 
the most if AIDS and a host of other diseases, like cancer, etc., were 
to actually be improved, cured, or at least treated back to a level of 
remission? Hint. You wouldn't need huge AIDS specialized government 
oversight agencies, and their supervisors, huge sums of private or 
federal research funds, billions of dollars in drug sales yearly, or 
healthcare workers, or hospitals, or grassroots AIDS groups, and their 
directors, and their funding. That is, of course, unless all these 
people and institutions were willing to clean up their lives, stop 
"going along", and be directed into POSITIVE life affirming employment 
and enterprises.

Was this influence at work when Dr. Shannon was seeking labs to 
possibly continue the research, yet was told "All the labs are booked 
up for years on other work."(8)  Who would have enough money to tie up 
all the labs and lock ozone out?

Why wouldn't Captain, now Commodore, Shannon come forward and publicly 
withdraw his support of the study?  Who can blame him, we all know 
what happens to military "whistleblowers." Even though he hasn't 
spoken out, he remains absolutely pro ozone to this day.(8)

Why would the investigators, and all the connected agencies, ignore, 
and continue today to ignore, the notification of the broken machine? 
Perhaps to have spent or taken the money to do such an expensive 
study, and being known as a "respected department," or "respected 
investigator" with a reputation to protect, and above all a need to 
continue the funding, maybe it is just too hard to admit your people, 
or you, personally, didn't do an expensive study correctly by 
completing such a basic daily task as quality checking the ozone 
producing machine. Let us hope that more nefarious forces were not in 

And finally, Why would the published data suddenly and mysteriously 
change its obviously positive data into a negative published 

Unfortunately, the stench from this rotting carcass now infests my 
country as well. The U.S. FDA uses this same study as a reference, and 
seriously oversteps the truth and their boundaries to make the 
unjustified, and way too broad pronouncement that, based upon this 
Canadian report, "Ozone therapy does not enhance parameters of immune 
activation nor does it diminish measurable p24 antigen in HIV-infected 
individuals."  From an actual FDA letter to one of our elected U.S. 
representatives, Congressman Sherwood Boehlert.  Remember, the false 
published paper clearly never says that ozone doesn't work, but that 
only the particular delivery system of minor autohemotherapy, as used, 
incorrectly, and with its broken generator, doesn't work. Quell 

I agree wholeheartedly that the protocols, as used here, are terribly 
ineffectual when compared to normal medical ozone therapies as 
practiced daily worldwide by thousands. Especially if you try it with 
a faulty generator. Even with this handicap, the plain facts remain 
that the investigators used a comparatively ineffectual ozone delivery 
method, an antiquated protocol, and a possibly broken generator, to 
create only a killed virus antigen preparation, and then injected too 
little of this mixture in the wrong place. Even these inadequate 
methods yielded such surprisingly positive results (when given time to 
do their work in a few of the patients whose immune systems were still 
functioning) that these amazing results had to be hidden from the 

So, in summary, a protocol that any serious practitioner would laugh 
at was used, their conclusions were based upon false data - if the 
machine was broken, and their fraudulent conclusions were written in 
total disregard for human suffering, not caring how far back ozone 
research would be set, or how many lives were at stake.   

The tragedy of allowing such abberant summations to be published, and 
to allow such pronouncements to be made based upon the mysterious 
summations, is that this errant information is repeated by supposedly 
impartial agency officials to our elected representatives and to news 
reporters, while these very agencies ignore the thousands of studies 
that show ozone does work(3,4.)  This downright intellectual 
dishonesty is used to politically justify barring further real 
research into ozone in North America that would immediately prove we 
have something ready right now to eliminate suffering and save lives. 
We know this is true, because ozone has been in use for 100 years by 
thousands of physicians. (2,3,4,5,6,7)

The miscarriage of justice and perversion of facts here is so 
overwhelmingly evident that I don't know what more to say, but I will 
say this: 

Exactly what factors came into play in the minds of the authors, the 
"reputable scientists" that we have trustingly given the care of 
ourselves and our loved ones to, when they obfuscated the truth needed 
by the sick and dying, so as to further delay the introduction of 
ozone medical therapies in the U.S. and Canada?  Why would any sane 
person deny a very badly needed therapy to the sufferers of disease?  
May God have mercy on their Souls, for they know not what they do when 
men trade their honor for convenience.

Where are the positive thinking Canadians attempting to go from here? 
Quoting Commodore Shannon:(8)

   "Allister Clayton, the Director of the Federal Center for AIDS went 
     to bat for our funding." 
   "The book is not closed on the efficacy of ozone therapy for the 
     treatment of AIDS."
   "We need more funding."
   "There is a role for ozone in medicine."

In March/April of 1995 Medizone International from New York will be 
announcing the results (which logically would be successful) of their 
preliminary 300 patient HIV/Hepatitis ozone trials going on in Italy 
under the auspices of several universities and The Italian Medical 
Ozone Society.

In March/April 1995, Cornell University is expected to announce the 
results of their ongoing ozone blood safety and sterilization trials.


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