OxyFile #123

"Medizone's Blood Decontamination Technology Receives Third Stage
of Funding by the Canadian Defense Department"
Business Wire (09/12/94)

Medizone International, Inc. announced Tuesday that the Canadian 
Defense Department would fund the third stage of research into 
the use of Medizone's proprietary blood decontamination 
technology to prevent transfusion-related disease transmission in
a live monkey model.  The company's technology is being studied 
as a process to neutralize viruses in infected red blood cell 
preparations.  "We have compelling reasons to believe that the 
use of ozone with the proper technological support will have a 
profound impact on both blood transfusion and blood banking," 
stated Commodore Michael Shannon, deputy surgeon general of 
Canada.  The study is expected to be completed by the end of 
1994.  Earlier this summer, Medizone announced the beginning of 
classically designed human Phase I trials studying the use of 
Medizone, an ozone-based treatment for diseases caused by lipid 
enveloped viruses, such as AIDS, hepatitis B, and herpes.

Source: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
        National AIDS Clearinghouse Copyright 1994, Information, 
        Inc., Bethesda, MD