OxyFile #122

Five States Pass Laws Protecting Medical Doctors Who Practice 
Alternative Therapies

On July 26, 1994, New York state passed an Alternative Medical 
Practices Act, thereby joining Alaska, North Carolina, Washington and 
Colorado.  The new state laws protect medical doctors who practice 
alternative therapies, such as ozone and EDTA from losing their 
licenses.  The New York law requires that at least two members of the 
State Board for Professional Medical Conduct must be Physician-
practitioners of non-conventional medicine.  The New York law was 
designed to prevent a repeat of cases like the years of investigation 
and harassment of Dr. Warren Levin, M.D. for his unconventional 
treatment modalities (vitamin and mineral therapies, EDTA chelation 
and other orthomolecular therapies).  After 13 years of investigation 
and harassment, Dr. Warren was cleared of all charges.  Other high 
profile cases were Dr. Emmanual Rivici, M.D. and Dr. Robert Atkins 
M.D.  Dr. Atkins had his licence suspended for using ozone on a cancer 
patient that other doctors had given up on after using all the 
radiation and chemotherapy her body could take.  When Dr. Atkins had 
his licence reinstated by a State Judge, the judge said: "I have never 
seen a such capricious and malicious act by a regulatory agency over a 
matter as inconsequential."

1992: In North Carolina, Dr. John Pittman M.D. was threatened with the 
loss of his medical licence if he continued using ozone therapy on his 
AIDS patients.  He moved his clinic to Haiti for awhile in 1993, then 
closed it down due to the deteriorating political situation in that 
country.  After North Carolina passed an Alternative Medical Practices 
Act early in 1994, Dr. Pittman was advised by the Medical Board, that 
he could come back to North Carolina and practice ozone therapy.  Dr. 
Pittman opened "The Carolina Center for Bio-Oxidative Medicine," in 
Raleigh, NC in October, 1994 and has resumed offering Ozone Major 
Autohemotherapy for PWA's.  His phone number is 800-539-9812 or 704-
857-0073.  In Spartanburg, South Carolina, Dr. H. Fudenberg M.D. has 
offered ozone and has done ozone research for PWA's for some time.  
Dr. Fudenberg monitors T4 counts weekly and adjusts concentration and 
dosage of ozone to attain maximum buildup of the T4 counts.  He can be 
reached at 803-576-0988.  Dr. Frank Shallenberger M.D. continues to 
offer ozone therapy in Minden, NV (702-782-4164).

Keep Hope Alive has the names of over 100 Physicians who attended IBOM 
conventions on ozone therapy in 1993 and 1994.  KHA will provide 
readers a list of members in their state on request.  Several may 
offer ozone therapy, although some are reluctant to discuss the 
availability of this service over the phone as they are uncertain how 
their local State Regulatory Boards will react.  Citizens for Health, 
Tacoma, WA, a national grassroots health freedom organization, plans 
to lobby Congress in 1995 for passage of national legislation that 
will protect medical doctors in all 50 states who practice non-toxic 
alternative therapies like ozone or EDTA chelation therapy.

Source: Positive Health News, Report No. 7