OxyFile #121

Oxygen Therapies Under Attack in the UK

In Australia they're called the TGA (Therapeutic Goods 
Administration); in America they're called the FDA (Food & Drug 
Administration); and in the UK they're called the MCA (Medicines 
Control Agency).  But no matter where they are or what they are 
called, they all have an agenda to restrict public access to 
"unauthorized" health care treatments.

The British medical bureaucracy, like its counterpart in Australia and 
in the US has decided that the increasing number of success stories 
emerging from the use of oxygen therapies has to stop.

In June of last year the Ministry of Health 'visited' the offices of 
Echo UK, a non-profit oxygen therapies information centre involved 
only in the dissemination of public domain literature.  They had a 
warrant signed by no less than the Minister of Health, Mrs. Virginia 
Bottomley, giving them authority to inspect all files and literature.  
Echo UK was informed (incorrectly) that they were breaking the law by 
distributing some of the information in their possession.

Pressure from the MCA and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great 
Britain was also applied to Echo UK, all in an attempt to stop them 
distributing already publicly available information.

I suppose, though, the British should consider themselves lucky.  I 
mean, they only get polite gentlemen bearing a warrant to inspect 
files and literature, while in the USA they send in an armed SWAT team 
with fully-loaded automatic weapons and wearing flak jackets, who kick 
the door down, steal everything and trash the place while holding 
staff and patients at gunpoint against the wall.

Source: Nexus New Times, Vol. 2, No. 23, Dec 94 - Jan 95