OxyFile #112

TI:  Remediation of groundwater polluted with chlorinated 
     ethylenes by ozone-electron beam irradiation treatment.

DT:  September 1992

AU:  P. Gehringer, E. Proksch, H. Eschweiler, W. Szinovatz

SO:  Int J Rad Appl Instrum (A)., 43(9): 1107-15, Sept 1992

AB:  OH radicals formed in water radiolysis may be effectively 
     used for the oxidative decomposition of trichloroethylene 
     and perchloroethylene contained as micropollutants in 
     groundwater.  Addition of ozone to the water before 
     irradiation causes the reducing species of the water 
     radiolysis to be converted into OH radicals.  Moreover, this 
     eliminates the dose rate effect observed with irradiation 
     alone.  By the ozone-electron beam treatment greater than 
     95% of the organic chlorine content are mineralized, only 
     negligible amounts of organic chlorine containing by-
     products are formed.  AMES test has shown no mutagenic 
     activity at all.