OxyFile #111

TI:  Arteriosclerosis obliterans and ozone therapy.  Its 
     administration by different routes.

DT:  September 1993

AU:  V.A. Romero, C.S. Mendez, M.M. Gomez, P.J. Ley

SO:  Angiologia, 45(5): 177-9, Sept - Oct 1993

AB:  We report 72 non-diabetic patients with obliterant 
     atherosclerosis, stadium II, (intermittent claudication).  
     The medium age of these patients was 62 +/- 4.5 years old.  
     They were randomly included into four groups.  Three were 
     treated with Ozone: one of them by endovenous way, other 
     intramuscular way, and the last one by rectal way; 
     meanwhile, in the fourth group the patients were submitted 
     to conventional medical treatment (control group).  In the 
     three ozone-groups there weren't differences when they were 
     compared between them.  But there was a significant 
     improvement in comparison with the control group.  The 
     claudication distance in the treadmill increased to the 2.5 
     km/hour.  Ankle/arm pressure rates had significant 
     difference, this corroborates the ozone action on the 
     microcirculation.  The least uncomfortable, the more 
     harmless and the more economic way was the rectal way.