OxyFile #110

TI:  Preliminary report on using therapeutic ozone in infectious 
     conjunctivitis and keratitis and in corneal degeneration.

DT:  May 1992

AU:  A. Gierek-Lapinska, Z. Antoszewski, B. Myga, J. Skowron

SO:  Klin Oczna, 94(5-6): 137-8, May-Jun 1992

AB:  The preliminary report presents the results of application 
     of ozone preparation in form of ophthalmic drops in 89 
     patients (134 eyes).  This preparation has been used in 
     virus conjunctival and corneal diseases as well as in 
     corneal degenerations after inflammatory conditions and 
     chemical burns.  One observed as acceleration of the 
     regeneration processes in active inflammatory conditions of 
     the anterior eye segment; instead the cases of leucoma and 
     corneal opacities did not show any clinical effect.