OxyFile #109

TI:  Preliminary report on using general ozone therapy in 
     diseases of the posterior segment of the eye.

DT:  May 1992

AU:  A. Gierek-Lapinska, Z. Antoszewski, B. Myga, J. Skowron

SO:  Klin Oczna, 94(5-6): 139-40, May - Jun 1992

AB:  Autotransfusion of ozone venous blood was performed in 174 
     patients, in 32 patients ozone was given intraarterially.  
     General ozone therapy was used for the first time in Poland 
     in the following ophthalmological conditions: retinal 
     pigment dystrophy, glaucomatous optic atrophy, in optic 
     neuritis, after injuries and in cases of unknown aetiology, 
     in degenerative-atrophic changes of the choroid, in high 
     myopia, in post-inflammatory cases, in other degenerative 
     diseases and in bacterial corneal ulcerations.  Ozone 
     therapy in these conditions seems to be favourable 
     especially when the pathological process is not extensive.  
     One could observe an improvement of the visual acuity and of 
     the visual field.