OxyFile #108

TI:  Ozone therapy in the advanced stages of arteriosclerosis 

DT:  July 1993

AU:  V.A. Romero, C.S. Mendez, M.M. Gomez, P.J. Ley

SO:  Angiologia, 45(4): 146-8, Jul-Aug 1993

AB:  Fifteen patients with atherosclerosis obliterans at the lower 
     limbs, no candidates to revascularizing surgery were submitted to 
     ozone therapy.  An improvement statistically significant was 
     noticed in the treatment groups since amputation ration decreased 
     (26.7%) and the need of pain's surgery procedures (13.3%) in 
     comparison with the control group (46.7 and 26.7% respectively).  
     Ozone therapy is considered as a good way in the management of 
     the atherosclerosis with obliteration in late period.