OxyFile #100

TI:  Peripheral Blood Changes in Humans and Experimental Animals 
     Following the Infusion of Hydrogen Peroxide Into The Carotid 

DT:  June 23, 1982

AU:  J.W. Finney, G.A. Balla, G.J. Race, J.T. Mallams

SO:  Angiology 1965, Vol. 16, pp 62-66

AB:  The lethal effect of ionizing irradiation on tissue can be 
     greatly augmented by increasing the oxygen concentration at 
     the time of their exposure.  On this premise, studies were 
     initiated in this institution in 1961 to determine the 
     efficacy of hydrogen peroxide as an oxygen source when 
     infused intraarterially immediately before and during 
     irradiation therapy in the management of malignant tumors.  
     The findings have been encouraging, and preliminary reports 
     have been published.

     Coincidentally, peripheral blood studies were completed on 
     all patients receiving hydrogen peroxide adjuvant therapy.  
     Some increase was noted in one or more formed blood 
     elements; the most consistant changes occurring in those 
     patients being infused into the common or internal carotid 
     artery.  The following is a preliminary report on the 
     peripheral blood changes observed in experimental animals 
     and in humans being infused intraarterially with hydrogen