OxyFile #96

TI:  Rise of Coenzyme A-Glutathione Mixed Disulfide during 
     Hydroperoxide Metabolism in Perfused Rat Liver

DT:  June 2, 1982

AU:  D. Crane, D. Haussinger, H. Sies

SO:  Eur. J. Biochem. 127, 575-578 (1982)

AB:  The hepatic metabolism of an externally added hydroperoxide, 
     t-butyl hydroperoxide, results in substantial decreases in CoASH 
     and acetyl-CoA and a concomitant increase in CoA-disulfides.  The 
     principal CoA-disulfide which is formed under these conditions 
     was identified as CoASSG, the mixed disulfide of coenzyme A and 
     glutathione; CoASSCoA levels were unchanged.  The perturbation in 
     the coenzyme A system was absent when the hydroperoxide was 
     infused into livers from rats maintained on a selenium-deficient 
     diet.  In these livers, Se-dependent glutathione peroxidase is 
     lowered to less than 5% of control levels; the observed effects 
     can be attributed to flux through Se-dependent GSH peroxidase.