OxyFile #89

TI:  Treatment of Arteriosclerotic Obstructive Cerebrovascular 
     Disease with Hydrogen Peroxide

DT:  June 1967

AU:  H.C. Urschell Jr., J.W. Finney, L.M. Dyll, G.L. Boland,
     G.J. Race, B.E. Jay, G. Davis, and G.A. Balla

SO:  Vascular Surgery, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp 77-81

AB:  The intra-arterial infusion of hydrogen peroxide has been 
     employed by the investigators for the past six years as a 
     method of regional oxygenation in the management of a 
     variety of diseases.  In some patients so treated, a 
     decrease in the severity of their atherosclerosis was 
     observed.  This phenomenon was studied and confirmed by both 
     in vitro and in vivo experimentation.  Following 
     confirmation of the reduction of atherosclerosis by intra-
     arterial hydrogen peroxide, it was employed therapeutically 
     for the first time in a patient with inoperable cerebral 
     vascular insufficiency secondary to arteriosclerosis, which 
     was unresponsive to medical treatment.