OxyFile #82

TI:  Evaluation of Ozone Genotoxicity by Cytogenetics Techniques

DT:  Not Known

AU:  Pristo E., Montejo L., Mendez del Castillo D., Menendez S., 
     Bello D., Jhonson J. and Carvajal E.

SO:  Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology.  "Hermanos 
     Ameijeiras" General Hospital.  	National Center for 
     Scientific Research, Havana, Cuba.

AB:  With the wide spread of ozone medical use, some concern 
     arose about its genotoxicity.  For this reason we decided to 
     investigate the genotoxicity of ozone at chromosomal level, 
     studying a group of patients with different diagnosis, 
     treated with ozone by autohemotherapy, during 15 sessions, 
     at a dose of 5 mg.  The cytogenetic genotoxicity test 
     utilized were: analysis of types and frequency of 
     chromosomal aberrations (CA), analysis of frequency of 
     sister chromatids exchanges (SCE) and the detection of 
     micronuclei in peripheral blood lymphocytes with the 
     cytokinesis blocked by cytochalasin B (MN).  No remarkable 
     differences were observed in any of the 3 tests, between the 
     results before and after ozone therapy.  It is concluded 
     that ozone treatment by autohemotherapy, in the established 
     dosage, has no genotoxical effect proved in a chromosomal