OxyFile #79

TI:  Ozonotherapy Efficiency in the Treatment of Patients with 
     Atherosclerosis of Coronary and Cerebral Vessels

DT:  Not Known

AU:  Natalia I. Zhulina, Claudia N. Kontorschikova, Natalia V. 

SO:  Centre of Ozonotherapy, Medical Institute, Nizhny Novgorod, 

AB:  The effect of ozonized isotonic solution of sodium chloride 
     in the treatment of ischemic patients with the clinic of 
     stenocardia - 11,111 and cerebrovascular insufficiency due 
     to atherosclerosis was studied.  By the end of the treatment 
     course, the frequency of angina attacks was reduced 2,5 
     time, decreasing nitroglycerin dosage and increasing 
     tolerance to physical loads.  Some patients revealed 
     positive ECG dynamics, i.e. normalization of repolarization 
     processes.  Organic neurological symptoms were not changed.  
     Vegetal disfunction symptoms improved.  REG data 
     demonstrated positive dynamics, dicrease of vessel wall 
     reactivity.  EEG showed alfa-rhythm activation.  Among 
     psychological parameters emotional tense and alarm 
     manifestation were logically decreased, general condition 
     being improved.  No complications or any negative reactions 
     to ozonotherapy were registered.

     Biochemical tests revealed intensification of antioxidant 
     protective system decrease in levels of molecular lipid 
     peroxidation products: conjugated dienes and Shiff's bases; 
     normalization of the following data of lipid change: 
     cholesterol and triglycerides.

     Thus ozonotherapy application in chronic insufficiency of 
     coronary and cerebral vessels makes up a new trend in 
     prophylaxis and rehabilitation of this category of patients.