OxyFile #78

TI:  Ozone Therapy in Ischemic Cerebro-Vascular Disease

DT:  Not Known

AU:  Elvis Devesa, Silvia Menendez, Maria M. Rodriguez, Manuel 
     Gomez, Josue Garcia, Ana Carballo 	and Wilfredo Diaz

SO:  "Dr. Salvador Allende" Hospital, National Center for 
     Scientific Research, Havana City, Cuba.

AB:  The cerebrovascular disease is an actual health problem, 
     because of the high tendency to produce sequels in those who 
     survive, limiting their physical capacities and their social 
     and familiar development.  The objective of this study is to 
     evaluate the effectiveness of ozone therapy in cerebro 
     vascular disease of ischemic type, in acute, ancient and 
     chronic phase.  Ozone was daily administered to 120 
     patients, during 21 days, by rectal insufflation, in doses 
     according to the enzymatic status.  These patients were 
     evaluated by clinical examination and validity tests through 
     the multidimensional evaluation method, before and at the 
     end of the treatment.  The clinical stage improved in 88% of 
     the total of patients treated, obtaining better results in 
     those in acute phase.  In the multidimensional evaluation 
     all parameters measured improved, specially the daily life