OxyFile #74

TI:  Ozone as Therapy in Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster 

DT:  1983

AU:  Mattassi R., D'Angelo F., Franchina A., Bassi P.

SO:  The Division of Vascular Surgery, Santa Corona Hospital, 
     Garbagnate Milanese (Milano) - Italy

AB:  It is known from many researches that ozone has a high 
     antibacterial and antiviral effect and this is utilized in 
     the industrial treatment of drinking water.  Authors of this 
     paper tried to utilize this ozone effect in the treatment of 
     some viral diseases of man.  30 patients with herpes zoster 
     and 27 with herpes simplex labialis were treated with 
     endovenous injections of a oxygen-ozone mixture.  Patients 
     with herpes zoster healed from cutaneous lesions after a 
     minimum of five and a maximum of 12 injections performed one 
     daily.  5 elderly patients complained postherpetic pain.  
     Herpes simplex healed completely after a minimum of 1 and a 
     maximum of 5 injections.  Only 3 recurrence of herpes 
     labialis were observed in 3 years.  Absence of any 
     collateral effect were noticed during treatment in all