OxyFile #70

TI:  Ozone Treated HIV+ Patient - Becomes PCR Negative

DT:  Fall 1991

AU:  Michael T. Carpendale M.D.

SO:  Privately Published

AB:  Two male HIV positive asymptomatic patients treated 
     themselves with colonic insufflations of an Ozone/Oxygen 
     mixture intermittently for 180 weeks.  Both patients 
     increased their CD4 cell count, and one patient, after the 
     160th week, became Polymerase chain reaction negative.  Both 
     patients have remained in the best of health, with no 
     infections and no adverse symptoms or malaise.

     Ozone was produced from a portable Medical Ozone Generator, 
     (Hansler, Iffezheim, Germany), and was insufflated through a 
     teflon catheter into the colon.  This is a simple, safe, 
     inexpensive and well documented method for treatment with 
     Ozone.  Dosage concentration 22-30 ug O3/ml O2, average 
     volume was 1100 ml for a total dose of 26.2-33 mgO3 per 
     treatment.  Treatment was daily for 21 days, every 3 days 
     for 16 weeks, and once weekly for 15 weeks, for a total of 
     73 treatments containing 2065-2137 mg Ozone.  Each year for 
     the next two years they treated themselves to a daily 
     booster dose identical to the first 21 day program.  

     In view of the fact that Ozone treatment is simple, safe, 
     effective, inexpensive and has been used for more than 50 
     years in man without reported adverse effects and appears to 
     be effective against HIV at non cytotoxic concentrations.  
     We believe further studies should be done to determine its 
     role in treatment of HIV, especially in the early stages of 
     the disease when the patient is asymptomatic and has a CD4 
     cell count in the normal range (lower limit 450).  If this 
     is so it could have a major effect on this epidemic.