OxyFile #69

TI:  The Efficacy of O2/O3 Low-Pressure Application in Badly 
     Healing Wounds

DT:  March 1991

AU:  Horst Werkmeister

SO:  Former head of the Radiography Department, Lutheran 
     Hospital, D-4200 Oberhausen (Germany)

AB:  In a retrospective investigation for the electronic 
     measurement of photographs showing decubitus and badly 
     healing postoperative lesions, a report is given on wound 
     healing under treatment with low-pressure ozone/oxygen gas 
     applications.  The treatment method as well as conditions 
     presented by the patient and a differentiation of the wounds 
     considered are presented in addition to the healing rate and 
     tendencies.  The study presents impressive individual cases 
     in the context of wound healing time, as well as the result 
     of a model statistical calculation for wound healing time.