OxyFile #65

TI:  Is There a Role for Medical Ozone in the Treatment of HIV 
     and Associated Infections?

DT:  Sept. 1993

AU:  Michael T. Carpendale and John Griffiss

SO:  Rehabilitation Medicine and Research Services, Veterans 
     Administration Medical Center, San Francisco, CA.

AB:  Medical Ozone inactivates many pathogenic viruses including 
     HIV in vitro.  Pilot studies in man suggest positive 
     benefits in the early stages of HIV infection (T-4 cells 
     greater than 400).  These include increased T4 and T8 cells, 
     normalizing of T4:T8 ratio, and a general feeling of well-
     being and minimal evidence of infection.  Improvement also 
     occurs in AIDS patients (T4 cells less than 200) but less 
     evidence of T4 cell resurgence.  These studies indicate that 
     at least in vitro there is a good safety margin between the 
     ozone dose required to inactivate HIV and the earliest 
     suggestion of suppression of lymphocytes.  In fact, the 
     lymphocytes are being stimulated at doses that completely 
     inactivates HIV.  More work needs to be done to clarify the 
     most effective dosage and means of treating HIV infections 
     with medical ozone.