OxyFile #64

TI:  Ozone and Gynecologic Radiotherapy

DT:  November 1975

AU:  Hernuss P., Muller-Tyl E., Wicke L.

SO:  Strahlentherapie 150(5):493-9, 1975 Nov.

AB:  A short survey is given of the historical development and 
     the physical basis of ozone therapy.  Ozone is used in 
     medicine as well as in other spheres.  Papers reporting good 
     results of ozone treatment in carcinoma seemed of particular 
     interest.  The efficacy of ozone as an adjuvant to the 
     irradiation of carcinosarcomas of rats was confirmed by us.  
     On account of this fact ozone was introduced by us as an 
     adjuvant to the irradiation of women with gynaecological 
     cancer and appeared to give good results.  The mechanism of 
     action of ozone is not yet fully clarified and several 
     theories are discussed.  Investigations are currently being 
     undertaken in respect to the behaviour of several substances 
     in the organism during ozone therapy.