OxyFile #62

TI:  Ozone-Oxygen Therapy for Gynecologic Carcinomas.  The Effect 
     of Parenteral Ozone Oxygen Mixture Administration on Free 
     Fatty Acids and Triglycerides in Patients with Gynecologic 

DT:  March 1979

AU:  Muller-Tyl E., Salzer H., Reisinger L., Washuttl J., Wurst F.

SO:  Fortschritte der Medizin 97(10):451-4, 1979 Mar 15

AB:  As some authors suspect that ozone influences the metabolic 
     process of fat, we tried to analyse the influence of an 
     ozone-oxygen gas which was applied parenterally.  40 
     patients with gynecological cancer received 10 ml ozone-
     oxygen gas with a content of 450 gamma ozone and venous 
     blood was removed before and 10 minutes after application.  
     The serum was lyophilized and the level of fatty acids and 
     triglycerids was determined by the method of Randerath 
     (1965).  A statistically significant decrease of the 
     concentrations was observed after application of ozone.  
     Different theories as to the cause of this action are