OxyFile #57

TI:  The Treatment of Viral Diseases with Ozone

DT:  July 1988

AU:  H. Kief

SO:  Erfahrungsheilkunde Number 7 / 1988, July 1988

AB:  Ozone is highly effective against viruses and has an 
     unusually high degree of tolerance when administered 
     parenterally.  The use of trivalent oxygen in cases of viral 
     diseases must be considered a conditio sine qua non.  The 
     present study provides statistical proof of its 
     extraordinary efficacy in cases of chronic aggressive 
     hepatitis where it exhibits an above-average frequency of 
     serum conversions in HbsAg-positive patients.  In the case 
     of AIDS and ARC patients, hyperbaric ozone therapy can lead 
     to obvious remittences of the reduced lymphocytic population 
     and to an astonishing improvement in the clinical status 
     provided that the disease has not severely progressed.  If 
     the complete manifestation of AIDS is present partial 
     remissions can still be achieved in 30% of the cases.  The 
     data on the cellular immune status based on the patient case 
     material suffice to achieve an adequate degree of