OxyFile #56

TI:  Knee-joint Disorders Treated by oxygen-ozone therapy

DT:  Sept. 1989

AU:  E. Riva Sanseverino, Istituto di Fisiologia Umana - Bologna

SO:  Estratto da Europa Medicophysica 25(3):163-170 (Lugilio-
     Settembre 1989)

AB:  In patients affected by different forms of knee disorders, 
     the effects of oxygen-ozone mixture (the so-called medical 
     ozone) locally injected where studied.  20 ml of the mixture 
     were introduced into the knee with a concentration of 10 ug 
     of ozone per ml of oxygen.  When necessary, the same 
     concentration of the mixture was also peri-articularly and 
     subcutaneously administered.  156 patients were treated and 
     divided into 3 groups: carriers of post-traumatic knee 
     disorders, gonarthrosis without marked bone deformities and 
     gonarthrosis with marked bone deformities.  In the first two 
     groups optimal results were obtained while for the third 
     other therapies were then added to stop the advancing 
     degenerative process.  In conclusion, knee-joint disorders 
     can very successfully be treated by means of oxygen-ozone 
     mixture locally administered.