OxyFile #52

TI:  Ozone-Oxygen Therapy in Proctology

DT:  1990

AU:  Knoch HG., Klug W.

SO:  Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 62(2):98-8, 1990

AB:  The diffusion of oxygen through the colon wall could be 
     demonstrated in animal experiment.  The relevant rise in 
     PaO2 can be evidenced in both in blood vessels and in the 
     liver, whereby a significantly high increase of 250% above 
     the normal value was recorded in the region of the 
     intestinal wall.  The venous blood values were at 230%, 
     those in the portal vein at 134%, and in the liver 
     parenchyma at 127%.  When ozone is applied, these values are 
     even higher.  An increase can also be recorded in humans by 
     means of transcutaneous PaO2 measurements.  In proctology, 
     we view the indication of rectal insufflation to be valid 
     for colitis.  The present report covers initial results and 
     experience: a further short report on the possibility of 
     treating hepatitis in the same way will be following.