OxyFile #49

TI:  Ozone Therapy and Viscosity of Blood and Plasma, Distance of 
     Intermittent Claudication and Certain Biochemical Components 
     in Patients with Diabetes Type II and Ischemia of the Lower 

DT:  September 1991

AU:  Turczynski B., Sroczynski J., Antoszewski Z., Matyszczyk B., 
     Krupa G., Mlynarski J., Strugala M.
     Katedry i Zakladu Biofizyki 

SO:  Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 46(37-39):708-10, 1991 Sept 9-30

AB:  Blood and plasma viscosity, total blood lipids, 
     triglycerides, total cholesterol, free fatty acids, 
     fibrinogen, hematocrit, and lipidogram were determined in 
     patients with diabetes mellitus type II and coexisting 
     symptoms of the obliterative arteriosclerosis of the lower 
     limbs.  Intermittent claudication distance has been measured 
     parallel.  The same tests have been carried out after ozone 
     therapy.  A significant improvement in the intermittent 
     claudication and reduction in blood and plasma viscosity 
     have been noted.  There was statistically significant 
     correlation between intermittent claudication decrease and 
     blood viscosity reduction following ozone therapy.