OxyFile #45

TI:  The use of Ozonotherapy in the Nose Correction Operations

DT:  1992

AU:  Kawalski H., Sondej J., Cierpiol-Tracz E.
     Department of Children's Larynogology, Silesian Medical 
     Academy, Katowice, Poland

SO:  Acta Chirurgiae Plasticae 34(3):182-4, 1992

AB:  Positive results of application of ozonotherapy in 
     rhinoplasty are described.  25 patients were administered 
     ozone intravenously for 3 days prior to operation and days 
     post-operatively, resulting in a significant reduction in 
     post-operative complications duration as compared with the 
     control group consisting of 20 patients who were not 
     administered ozonotherapy.