OxyFile #44

TI:  Clinical Assessment of Treatment Results for Atherosclerotic 
     Ischemia of the Lower Extremities with Interaarterial Ozone 

DT:  October 1992

AU:  Sroczynski J., Antoszewski Z., Matyszczyk B., Krupa G., 
     Rudzki H., Zbronska H., Skowron J. 
     Katedry i Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych i Zawodowych Sl. AM.

SO:  Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 47(42-43):964-6, 1992 Oct 19-26

AB:  Ten injections of O3 into femoral arteries were administered 
     to 50 patients with atherosclerotic ischemia of the lower 
     extremities and to 49 diabetic patients.  All patients were 
     assessed clinically with the ankle-arm index, measurement of 
     intermittent claudication distance prior to and after the 
     treatment.  The treatment showed a significant improvement 
     in both groups manifested by an increase in ankle-arm index, 
     and prolongation of the intermittent claudication distance 
     by more than twice.  The treatment of atherosclerotic 
     ischemia of the lower extremities with O3 is both valuable 
     and safe.